• WHOLE STEER $500 deposit, $6.90/pound net weight
  • HALF STEER $250 deposit, $7.40/pound net weight
  • QUARTER STEER $125 deposit, $7.80/pound net weight
  • PREMIUM GROUND BEEF $8.50/pound OR $7.50/pound 50 pound or more


Grill Package for $200

Steak and Burger Grill Package

~8 pounds  steaks:  

  • assorted prime steaks:  filet, New York, ribeye, top sirloin
  • assorted  grill steaks:  tri-tip, skirt, flat iron, hanger, london, carne asada

5 pounds ground beef


Stock up for Spring $150

Roasts, sauce, & broth package

~15 pounds meat, 5 pounds soup bones

Chuck or brisket roast

osso bucco

7-8 pounds ground beef

soup bones


About Us



   SoMar Farms is located on the border between Sonoma and Marin counties (hence our name SoMar) in the agricultural area of West Petaluma



   Our mission is to raise delicious beef in an environmentally responsible and humane manner. 


Our Ranch

 We control thistle by pulling, mowing, and good grass management. Our creeks are fenced and planted with willows to reduce erosion and keep nutrients (cow manure) out of creeks. The ranch is cross fenced to maximize grass production and we use solar pumps to move water around to each pasture.


Our Lamb:

We have also started raising grass-fed Lamb. Like our cattle, the lambs are 100% pasture raised, grass fed and grass finished. None of our animals are ever treated with hormones. The lambs are moved around the ranch using a portable fence so we can control where and how long they are grazing each area.

Our Beef:

We raise all of our grass-fed Angus/Hereford beef in Petaluma. Our cattle are 100% pasture-raised, grass-fed, and grass finished. We introduce new breeding stock from local breeders to avoid inbreeding and to support other local ranches. We do not offer grain finished animals. 

Buy GrassFed




  • 1/4 steer ranges from 150-180 pounds (4 of the pictured boxes) and will fill the freezer side of your kitchen refrigerator
  • A whole lamb is about the size of the box shown, 40 pounds, so will easily fit in your freezer.
  • Custom processing is available on a half animal or more.


  • Submit your deposit to hold your order.
  • We will keep you updated throughout the process, beef takes 3-4 weeks from harvest date, lamb takes 2-3 weeks from harvest.
  • Animal goes to a local custom butcher shop to be dry aged, cut and wrapped.
  • Beef is Dry Aged for 2 weeks, Lamb is Dry Aged for 1 Week to optimize tenderness.
  • As soon as meat is cut and wrapped it is placed in a deep freezer for a few days.
  • We will then contact you with the net weight of your share, your final balance and a timeline for pick up.
  • Final payments can be made via Credit Card (3% Fee), Check or cash payments.
  • ** If paying by check, we must receive and process your check prior to you picking up your beef.
  • Pick up locations available are at the butcher's, in Petaluma, or in Oakland.


  • Our pricing structure was created with simplicity for our customers in mind. 
  • We charge only for the NET WEIGHT of your share—meaning the weight of the meat that you take home.
  • You do not need to worry about being charged for the butcher fee’s—those are included in the price.
  • $10 Delivery charge for Oakland pick up. 
  • **Prices are subject to change due to seasonality and feed prices.

Premium Cut Ground Beef: 


$7.50/pound when you buy 50 pounds or more. A favorite! Includes all the high quality cuts typically used for steaks and roasts


Whole Cow

$6.90 per pound

currently averaging about 650lbs

secure yours with a $500 non-refundable deposit

Half Cow

$7.40 per pound

currently averaging about 325lbs

secure yours with a $250 non-refundable deposit

Quarter Cow

$7.80 per pound

currently averaging about 160lbs

secure yours with a $125 non-refundable deposit​


Whole Lamb

$10 per pound

Expect about 40 pounds of meat 

secure yours with a $60 deposit

Half Lamb

$10 per pound

Expect about 20 pounds of meat

secure yours with a $45 deposit

Tips for cooking Grass-Fed Meat




Tips for Steaks:

  • Don't over cook
  • Have grill or skillet hot before putting on the meat
  • Rub in salt, pepper, garlic and any other preferred seasoning prior to cooking
  • Let meat warm to room temperature before cooking 

General Tips for Roasts: 

  • Keep moist-red wine and water are great ways to keep your roasts moist
  • Cook slowly and on a low temperature to give the muscle fibers time to break down, creating a tender piece of meat. 

General Tips for Hamburgers:

  • Season meat
  • Add some liquid, like Olive Oil to keep burgers moist
  • Let the meat sit, if possible, before cooking




Humane, Healthy Meat

“SoMar  meat comes from cows who lived well, and you can tell by the taste and  texture.  Every cut — from ground beef to the prime rib — is flavorful  and fresh, and I love knowing the cow came from a 100-percent  pasture-raised, grass-fed environment.  All the people at SoMar are  professional and pleasant, and they make every part of the order and  pickup easy an convenient.  The whole experience has made me a very  happy return customer, and I can’t tell enough people about this jewel  of a find.  If you want to feel confident that your meat comes from a  humane, healthy source, buy it from SoMar. You will be so glad you did!

Jessica Tagami



Best Burgers of my Life!

I  made the best burgers of my life with the “premium cut ground beef”  that I got from SoMar Farms. The meat was juicy, flavorful and healthy  on top of everything else! I love that the animals are cared for  properly and the health of the land is kept in mind at SoMar, while  producting excellent meat for my friends. I look forward to getting some  more SoMar Ground Beef.
Emily Kehmeier

Quality and Convenience

Being  able to eat quality Beef with a variety of cuts has been amazing. I  used to only be able to afford ground beef to keep the quality. Now I am  able to have T-Bones, Ribs, Sirloins and many other cuts on a regular  basis. I will definitely be placing another order when my current meat  is finished. Thanks, SoMar Farms!
Desmond Smith

My mom and I made a lamb curry with SoMar Lamb.

The  meat was very well marbled! We were so surprised by how tender and  juicy this grass fed lamb was. We had our pressure cooker out (standard  for lamb curry) and did not need to use it. The meat was falling off the  bone in under an hour.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I place an order? 

A: Email to place your order. Once we put you on the list, our Sales and Marketing Associate will work with you on getting your deposit paid. 

Q: Will my deposit be put towards the final balance on my order? 

A: Yes, your deposit simply holds your spot and commits you to going through with your purchase. All deposits go toward the final order balance. 

Q: What does "net weight" mean?

A: Net weight refers to the amount of meat that you will actually take home; the meat that is cut and wrapped. Some farms have you pay by hanging weight (weight of the animal before the bones and extra fat are factored out), and the butcher fees. 

Q: What do the Butcher Fees include?

A: We pay for Butcher Fees, these include the kill fee, aging, and the cutting and paper wrapping fee charged per pound. 

Q: I am interested in seeing the ranch and the animals, how can I do that? 

A: We host a few "Farm Days" each year, but if you can not attend one of the public events, we are more than happy to give you a personal tour of the ranch. 

Q: What is Dry Aging and why is it done? 

A:  Dry aging is a process where beef carcasses are stored – without protective packaging – at refrigeration temperatures to allow the natural enzymatic and biochemical processes to take place. These processes allow enzymes that are naturally present in the meat to break down the muscle tissue, resulting in improved texture and flavor. 

Q: Why is there a 3% Fee for paying via Credit Card?

A: The 3% fee is just to cover what we get charged to utilize the security for us and our customers of

Q: Why does my check have to clear before picking up my order?

A: We require checks to clear before releasing your order to protect ourselves, since most of the orders placed are fairly large amounts. 

Contact Us

Send an inquiry for an order:

Oakland Pick Up

449 15th Street, Suite 400, Oakland, CA 94612