Humane, Healthy Meat

“SoMar  meat comes from cows who lived well, and you can tell by the taste and  texture.  Every cut — from ground beef to the prime rib — is flavorful  and fresh, and I love knowing the cow came from a 100-percent  pasture-raised, grass-fed environment.  All the people at SoMar are  professional and pleasant, and they make every part of the order and  pickup easy an convenient.  The whole experience has made me a very  happy return customer, and I can’t tell enough people about this jewel  of a find.  If you want to feel confident that your meat comes from a  humane, healthy source, buy it from SoMar. You will be so glad you did!

Jessica Tagami



Best Burgers of my Life!

I  made the best burgers of my life with the “premium cut ground beef”  that I got from SoMar Farms. The meat was juicy, flavorful and healthy  on top of everything else! I love that the animals are cared for  properly and the health of the land is kept in mind at SoMar, while  producting excellent meat for my friends. I look forward to getting some  more SoMar Ground Beef.
Emily Kehmeier

Quality and Convenience

Being  able to eat quality Beef with a variety of cuts has been amazing. I  used to only be able to afford ground beef to keep the quality. Now I am  able to have T-Bones, Ribs, Sirloins and many other cuts on a regular  basis. I will definitely be placing another order when my current meat  is finished. Thanks, SoMar Farms!
Desmond Smith

My mom and I made a lamb curry with SoMar Lamb.

The  meat was very well marbled! We were so surprised by how tender and  juicy this grass fed lamb was. We had our pressure cooker out (standard  for lamb curry) and did not need to use it. The meat was falling off the  bone in under an hour.